I feel like a lot of people are some sort of otherkin but they never take the time to think about it/learn about it so they never know


I feel like a lot of people are some sort of mentally unstable but they never take the time to think about it/learn about it so they never know


Pin it forward.


Pin it forward.

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Seriously, this is what israelis teach their children, that they are literally the only actual human beings worthy of life, that they are literally the chosen people of a Deity.

This is not a joke. The phrase ‘Gods chosen people’ is taken literally by these murderous bastards. Their God says that they can kill and take the land of anyone who is not Israeli. They are dong it to Yemen and Palestine at this very moment. They are fucking evil.

Um…you do know that a good majority of Jews in Israel are secular right? I can show you pictures of kids in America shooting guns too. LE GASP!There’s nothing wrong with that. What you wrote on the other hand is actual antisemitism. Wow…

There are also a small group of Muslims and Christians in the IDF. I would also source the bottom pictures. At least one could be from Syria, or Iraq, as is common with pictures like this.

Israel doesn’t teach kids to hate  and there are Muslims and Christians attending public schools with Jewish kids without a problem. Non-Jews are just as worthy of being Israeli as Jews. Israel is protecting their people from Harm, from a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

Israel is our country whether for religious reasons or historical ones, or just the obvious, that ISRAEL EXISTS! And its not going anywhere. It is the only country in the Middle East where Women aren’t treated like second-class citizens, Christians aren’t being massacred, and Gay people have ACTUAL RIGHTS! 

And before you post bullshit and make factless accusation you might want to actually read a history book and learn the facts. 

I would also like to point out that many Israelis are taught self defense from an early age because, you know, they are surrounded by people who have sworn to wipe them off the face of the Earth. I think I would be teaching everything I know to the younger generation too.

"But gun control really works!"Yea… riiight.

"But gun control really works!"

Yea… riiight.

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H/T Institute for Justice


H/T Institute for Justice

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those “don’t tread on my rights” stickers with a bunch of guns are hilarous. what about my rights as a woman? can i get one with a birth control packet and a female symbol on it? if anything is unecessary, it’s the so-called right of flashing your stupid penis extentions around everywhere.

No one is treading on those rights, no one is stopping you from getting and taking birth control.  Just go and buy them like an adult, come on, you can do it!

Birth control is not a right. The ability to keep and bear arms is. I think people who spout this stupid crap need to take a moment to actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This is what ensures your naturally given rights. If there is anything a person should learn from U.S. history, it’s this.

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how hard is stuff to understand

Shut up, you’re trash

The girl who made this is 13 years old and trying to spread the message that it’s shitty to bully people for their gender identity. You and your psychotic followers are harassing someone who is barely a teenager just because she’s not brainwashed into believing that trans people are all holy angels who should be praised and coddled simply for being trans. Calling you trash would be a fucking compliment.

I don’t know whether to be really happy or want to vomit over the fact that a 13 year old gets this better than a bunch of high school and college graduates.

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