Josh Scheckel of Bellevue, Iowa, specializes in rebuilding and reselling construction and mining equipment. He also believes in the American Dream, having lived it himself. “I started my own business 16 years ago with two thousand dollars and a dream,” he says. “We have grown to where we are today as a result of good, old-fashioned hard work, persistence and unwavering determination by everyone involved.”

Now, however, Scheckel worries that his business and the country he loves are both in jeopardy and he’s hitting the campaign trail to show his support for a new direction for America. “I am not a political person; this is not a Democrat or Republican thing,” Scheckel says. “I am just a single individual that realizes we need new leadership for America.”

To that end, Scheckel launched the Romney-Ryan Dozer Tour — a cross-country trek with a bulldozer in support of the Romney-Ryan team.

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