Wall of Shame: see the 25 GOP Senators who voted with Harry Reid to allow funding Obamacare



Today 25 Republican Senators voted with Harry Reid and the Democrats to allow Obamacare to be fully funded.  Despite a heroic effort from Senator Ted Cruz, the cloture motion on the bill passed with plenty of Republican help.

Here are the pro-Obamacare Republican Senators:

  • Alexander
  • Ayotte
  • Barrasso
  • Blunt
  • Boozman
  • Burr
  • Chambliss
  • Chiesa
  • Coats
  • Coburn
  • Cochran
  • Collins
  • Corker
  • Cornyn
  • Graham
  • Hoeven
  • Isakson
  • Johanns
  • Johnson (WI)
  • McCain
  • McConnell
  • Murkowski
  • Thune
  • Wicker

If one of these turncoats is your Senator, remember this vote in the next election.  We cannot continue to send people to Washington who promise to represent conservative values but vote with the Democrats when it really counts.

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    I have contacted Mcconnell, I encourage you to contact your local RINO senator if they are on this list.
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    Fucking Chambliss and isakson. They’re gonna be getting some calls from me. Fucking scum bags.
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    Hey everyone, these Senators encourage open discussion via Twitter and Facebook. You kindly say “hello” and let them...
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    There are only 24 Senators listed…who is the 25th?
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