I love how conservatives try to say certain people are biologically inferior, when the reality is that conservatism correlates to biological inferiority. & that’s based on actual evidence.


OOHHH look! A lefty is using big words! Sooooo impressed.

*Citation Needed*

How do you know when a liberal is lying (besides when their lips are moving, I mean)?  When they feel the need to use unnecessarily large words in order to make their idiotic arguments appear more intelligent when commonly used words would have worked just as well and been twice as effective.

Oh!  And when they claim their stupidity is “fact based” but fail to provide any sources for those supposed facts.

But yeah…pretty much whenever their lips are moving is a good guideline to follow.

I would actually love to hear A) what Conservative has argued anyone is biologically inferior and B) how the Conservative ideology “correlates to biological inferiority and based on actual evidence.”

I will wait with held breath for the answer…

Actual CNN headline: “America Shuts Down”



The fear mongering over at CNN has been set to ludicrous speed.  They’re running the all-caps headline “AMERICA SHUTS DOWN.”  

Actually, CNN, America is just fine.  Why is that? Because America is not the government.  America is the people, and we don’t need an over-bloated Federal government to survive.

Except that the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DEA, ATF, welfare offices, medicaid, medicare, the post office, USDA, federal police, the pentagon, the military and nearly all other offices/departments… yea America is totally shut down.

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I thought I was about to see some wild shit.

How about instead of “killing the gun,” we actually blame and kill/punish the person who would carry out these acts. The gun is a tool, the person is the weapon.

Would it make the same sense if I made a gif set with cars smashing into things with the last one about to hit a kid? I mean, cars kill way more people (and kids) than guns.

Reality people, get with it.

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I don’t get the concept behind the movie “The Purge”

They say unemployment is less than 1% and crime is at an all time low because of the purge.

How in the world would a night of violence drop unemployment and violence? Most violence isn’t out of a need to commit violence, it’s spur of the moment and emotional.

Hollywood just can’t hit the mark at all.

Why do I only have an awesome manly voice when I’m sick?

It’s deep and raspy right now. I want this voice all year round. lol

Hahaha, this is bullshit. 

Hahaha, this is bullshit. 

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I would make a terrible press secretary. — WH Press Secretary Jay Carney in 2006. For once, I agree Jay.
A Tumblr feminist utopia. lol

A Tumblr feminist utopia. lol

Yes it does! lol

Yes it does! lol