Eric Holder: people don’t like me and Obama because of a “racial animus”



Eric Holder sees everything through race colored glasses.  He can’t look at any criticism of himself or President Obama without seeing a racist behind the words.  

from the Hill:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday he and President Obama have been targets of “a racial animus” by some of the administration’s political opponents.

“There’s a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that’s directed at me [and] directed at the president,” Holder told ABC. “You know, people talking about taking their country back. … There’s a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there’s a racial animus.”
Holder said the nation is in “a fundamentally better place than we were 50 years ago.”

“We’ve made lots of progress,” he said. “I sit here as the first African-American attorney general, serving the first African-American president of the United States. And that has to show that we have made a great deal of progress.

“But there’s still more we have to travel along this road so we get to the place that is consistent with our founding ideals,” he said.

He also stood by his controversial comments made during Obama’s first year in office, in which he said the U.S. was a “nation of cowards” when it comes to race.

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What on earth does Eric Holder know about our “founding ideals”?  

This is a man who refuses to prosecute open and shut cases of voter intimidation.  This is a man who prosecutes every state that makes an effort to keep elections closed to fraudulent voters. This is a man who oversaw a gunrunning program that has resulted in hundreds of deaths in the US and Mexico.  This is a man who leans on banks to choke out legal businesses that he doesn’t like for political reasons. This is a man who attempts to prosecute people for fictitious crimes. This is a man who oversaw the entrapment of mentally disabled people. This is a man whose department colluded with the IRS to target their political opposition. This is a man who thinks it’s fine to drone American citizens without due process. This is a man who thinks he doesn’t need a warrant to tap your phone. This is a man who stood up and lied to Congress.  This is a man who refuses to prosecute child pornographers in his own department. This is a man who sues businesses who run background checks on their potential employees

I could go on.  I really could.  But you get the picture. 

Eric Holder knows nothing of our founding idealsHe is the embodied antithesis of our founding fathers.  

I don’t criticize him because of the color of his skin.  I criticize him because of the despicable content of his character. 

FBI in Phoenix launches criminal probe into VA health care rationing scandal



Forgive me for being incredulous, but I can’t imagine Obama’s enabler Attorney General Eric Holder is going to let this get very far.

from FNC:

FBI Director James Comey confirmed Wednesday that the bureau’s Phoenix branch has opened a criminal investigation of the Veterans Affairs Department, amid mounting calls on Capitol Hill for the Justice Department to get more involved.

Comey confirmed the bureau’s involvement during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. Officials previously made clear that federal prosecutors were helping in an inspector general investigation, but the probe by Phoenix FBI agents marks a new phase.

The additional probe comes as internal audits show the expanding scope of the scandal where thousands of military veterans endured long wait times for VA medical care, and VA officials apparently covered up those wait times in order to make their internal numbers look better.

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Hopefully there is some leadership in the FBI that’s finally willing to stand up to Eric Holder if that’s where this all ends up leading.

VIDEO: Holder’s deputy won’t say who is in charge of the criminal investigation of the IRS targeting



Who is the lead agent in charge of investigating the IRS targeting?  How many agents are assigned to the case? Have any of the victims groups been interviewed?

Those are the most basic questions that the Justice Department still refuses to answer about the IRS targeting scandal.

here’s the video (h/t Weasel Zippers):

The Obama Justice department isn’t serious about this investigation because they want deniability in the entire situation.  If they don’t investigate the chain of events, they won’t be obligated to prosecute those involved.  As we have detailed here at PRN repeatedly, those involved go all the way to the White House.


ERIC HOLDER’S MANY SCANDALS (That we know about)


ERIC HOLDER’S MANY SCANDALS (That we know about)

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Eric Holder Shakes Down Car Companies For Millions Due To Made Up “Racism” Claims…



Barack Obama and his ring of extortionists continue to shake down America.


Attorney General Eric Holder has opened up a new front against car lenders and has forged an alliance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to frame them for racism, too.

We don’t use the term “frame” capriciously, certainly not like Holder uses the charge of racism.

His department and the president’s new consumer credit watchdog agency, CFPB, have announced a new settlement with Ally Bank for nearly $100 million.

It’s the largest fair lending deal against the auto industry and the third-largest ever to resolve charges of lending discrimination.

Throw in four new mortgage-lender settlements over equally groundless allegations — including last month’s $35 million joint Justice Department-CFPB hit on Cleveland-based National City Bank — and the total financial industry shakedown by this administration now stands at an eye-popping $810 million.

In its complaint against Ally, Justice alleged that the bank “charged African-American borrowers more than white borrowers in interest-rate markups not based on creditworthiness or other objective criteria related to borrower risk.”

It says a statistical analysis of loans conducted by CFPB researchers found a “disparity” of 29 basis points compared with rates charged “similarly situated” white borrowers.

The surcharge is so “statistically significant,” it contends, it can’t be a function of anything but racism.

Let’s unpack that statement, because it contains a big load of rubbish.

For starters, Justice had to guess the race of Ally’s black customers from Census data for black neighborhoods. The auto-finance industry does not report the race of borrowers like the mortgage industry.

“Ethnicity data is not available,” the department confesses later in the complaint.

So “victims” were never actually identified. That’s why the complaint has to estimate that Ally discriminated against “approximately” 100,000 African-American borrowers.

So the race of the alleged victims is not documented on loan information which means that Holder’s people had to estimate, also known as guess…also known as (considering this is the Obama Administration) make up, the numbers in order to strong arm a business into forking over money the King feels is his due.

I guess Justice is no longer blind…since Obama and Holder took the throne, she’s become greedy and morally corrupt as well.

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Talk about an unnerving conflict of interest. A lawyer that just so happens to be a donor to Barack Obama and Democrats, will be leading the investigation into the targeting of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service. Darrell Issa of the House Oversight Committee has sent a startling letter to Eric Holder, commenting on the problems this raises regarding the fairness of this probe. An individual with financial ties to President Obama’s two campaigns and the Democrat Party has absolutely no right heading this investigation into why her organization decided to single out Conservative groups and their leaders. Allowing this to happen will definitely make sure the process harbors no fairness. This cannot stand.