ERIC HOLDER’S MANY SCANDALS (That we know about)


ERIC HOLDER’S MANY SCANDALS (That we know about)

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Eric Holder Shakes Down Car Companies For Millions Due To Made Up “Racism” Claims…



Barack Obama and his ring of extortionists continue to shake down America.

From Investors.com:

Attorney General Eric Holder has opened up a new front against car lenders and has forged an alliance with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to frame them for racism, too.

We don’t use the term “frame” capriciously, certainly not like Holder uses the charge of racism.

His department and the president’s new consumer credit watchdog agency, CFPB, have announced a new settlement with Ally Bank for nearly $100 million.

It’s the largest fair lending deal against the auto industry and the third-largest ever to resolve charges of lending discrimination.

Throw in four new mortgage-lender settlements over equally groundless allegations — including last month’s $35 million joint Justice Department-CFPB hit on Cleveland-based National City Bank — and the total financial industry shakedown by this administration now stands at an eye-popping $810 million.

In its complaint against Ally, Justice alleged that the bank “charged African-American borrowers more than white borrowers in interest-rate markups not based on creditworthiness or other objective criteria related to borrower risk.”

It says a statistical analysis of loans conducted by CFPB researchers found a “disparity” of 29 basis points compared with rates charged “similarly situated” white borrowers.

The surcharge is so “statistically significant,” it contends, it can’t be a function of anything but racism.

Let’s unpack that statement, because it contains a big load of rubbish.

For starters, Justice had to guess the race of Ally’s black customers from Census data for black neighborhoods. The auto-finance industry does not report the race of borrowers like the mortgage industry.

“Ethnicity data is not available,” the department confesses later in the complaint.

So “victims” were never actually identified. That’s why the complaint has to estimate that Ally discriminated against “approximately” 100,000 African-American borrowers.

So the race of the alleged victims is not documented on loan information which means that Holder’s people had to estimate, also known as guess…also known as (considering this is the Obama Administration) make up, the numbers in order to strong arm a business into forking over money the King feels is his due.

I guess Justice is no longer blind…since Obama and Holder took the throne, she’s become greedy and morally corrupt as well.



Talk about an unnerving conflict of interest. A lawyer that just so happens to be a donor to Barack Obama and Democrats, will be leading the investigation into the targeting of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service. Darrell Issa of the House Oversight Committee has sent a startling letter to Eric Holder, commenting on the problems this raises regarding the fairness of this probe. An individual with financial ties to President Obama’s two campaigns and the Democrat Party has absolutely no right heading this investigation into why her organization decided to single out Conservative groups and their leaders. Allowing this to happen will definitely make sure the process harbors no fairness. This cannot stand.

I think Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder should run for president in 2016.



Anonymous asked: what exactly is fast and furious?

Oh wow, Good question though I’m a bit shocked there’s still people that don’t know.

I could post the boring long winded encyclopedia version of what happened but here it is in a nutshell:

In Oct. 2009 the Dept. of Justice wanted to find a way to combat the Mexican drug cartels. They came up with a plan that involved allowing thousands of guns and ammo to be purchased by “strw purchasers” and walked (transported) across the border into Mexico. The ATF oversaw the operation and were the ones that were supposed to keep tabs on these weapons.

Well they didn’t do that. They lost track of hundreds of these weapons. In Dec. 2010, some of these weapons were found at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder. Later, in 2011, some of these guns were found on the scene of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata’s murder. Now it is coming to light that these weapons have been used to kill hundreds of Mexican civilians, including innocent children at a birthday party.

If you are feeling like digging deeper, Google “fast and furious investigation by Darrell Issa.” He, along with a few other lawmakers, have been trying to get to the bottom of this debacle for months now.

Thank you for the question! :D