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i keep hearing this claim… but i just cant find proof of this.

Susan B Anthony, Saqajaweea (however you spell her name), Martha Washington (on the $1 bill AND a coin), Helen Keller, Ann Willing Bingham, as well as “made up” women such as Lady Liberty have all graced our currency.

Obama, as well as douchebag Jon Stewart need to take a history lesson.


Real talk. If burger flippers get 15, we should get 50. Just saying.


Real talk. If burger flippers get 15, we should get 50. Just saying.

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I’d rather believe in a god that wears birkenstocks and walks on clouds without falling through them than a government that says it will spend my money wisely.

Dennis Miller on religion and government.

Why is it when times get rough only the people have to look for ways to cut back?
Why is this always just absolutely impossible for government?
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Cantor spends $168 thousand on Steak; Brat spends $122 thousand in total



Eric Cantor raised 26 times the amount of Dave Brat. Twenty. Six. Times. He spent almost as much on steak as Brat did in his entire campaign. If this isn’t a microcosm of the entire problem, I don’t know what is.

From NBC News:

Eric Cantor’s reelection campaign spent more at steak houses than opponent Dave Brat spent on his entire campaign.

…According to FEC campaign finance data, Cantor’s campaign spent $168,637 in 17 payments to both Bobby Van’s Steak House and BLT Steak up until May 21.

Brat’s campaign had spent a total of $122,793 in that same amount of time.

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This is the problem, folks. This is it. Out of touch, ruling class, career politicians are excellent at wasting money that isn’t theirs.

We are paying the Clintons 1.62 million dollars per year (presidential salary and benefits)

And Hillary is saying the reason their speaking fees are so high is because they are in debt. What?

What happened to that income inequality mumbo jumbo championed by the left?

A sad thought:

There are 40+ union workers striking nearby that will stand throughout the day and even through the night for what amounts to money. Meanwhile, it is nearly impossible to get more than a handful of people to stand for a few hours holding signs about the state of our government. 

Money > people dying I suppose.

What’s a fast and easy way for a business to lose me as a customer? Support leeches who whine and complain for more money and benefits while the rest of us struggle for an extra .19¢ raise.



Scene’s from today’s ‘Give America a Raise’ Bus Tour stop in Albuquerque, NM!

One hell of a turnout.

Not everybody is this stupid… and they’re probably at work instead of arbitrarily arguing for a false measure that will only give them temporary gains at best.

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After being screwed over by the IRS, think of this:

If you take every dime you will ever pay in taxes in your entire lifetime, it will only pay 1/1,000th of Solyndra (the failed green energy company propped up by a $536 million government loan). 

Another thing to remember: Solyndra was just one of many failed loans aimed at boosting green energy companies and these green energy loans are just one example of government waste/loss.

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