VIDEO: Piers Morgan blames Ambassador Chris Stevens for his own murder in Benghazi



The ever vile Piers Morgan is hopping onto the bandwagon the started yesterday over on MSNBC yesterday morning, blaming Ambassador Chris Stevens for his own death in Benghazi.  

here’s the video:

As we pointed out before, Piers’s point is in complete defiance of the facts, as Stevens repeatedly sounded the alarm about safety conditions in Benghazi and was repeatedly rebuffed by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.  Something that McCain fails to point out here is that uniformed military assistance would have been a direct violation of Obama’s own “no boots on the ground” policy in Libya.  There were plenty of other ways that the State Department and the Obama administration could have kept the US facilities there secure, including standard security protocols that are in place at virtually every US embassy in the world that simply were not in place in Benghazi.  

What you’re seeing here is the left’s new play to let Hillary Clinton and Obama off the hook.  It’s blame the victim, pure and simple, and it’s disgusting.