Can we legalize Moonshine?


I mean new zealand has it! I want to make some Whiskey legally!

NO! We must keep the Revenuers busy! Taxes MUST be paid for something you make for your own consumption!

But seriously, why the hell should I have to pay taxes on something I’m not selling? That’s all it boils down to… taxes.

The Republicans are missing the point… AGAIN.

The liberal goal over the fiscal cliff is not taxes and revenue. That is a clever excuse for their true goal, the military. Liberals have been trying to cut the military for years with little success. If they force us over the fiscal cliff then they get 60 years of their agenda in the blink of an eye.

All of this AND they will be able to blame the Republicans. For the liberal progressives in our government, this is a win/win.

Get it together Republicans, you are falling for a pretty simple ruse.

The Buffet Rule: Yay or Nay?

First let me say this a difference between capital gains tax and income tax. From how i understand it a person investing his/her money will be taxed when they earn their money (income tax) and taxed again when they get a return on their investment (capital gains). So, if you invest, you will be taxed twice.

Even if the “Buffet Rule” is implemented it will bring an estimated $1 billion in revenue. Our deficit for this year (2012) is slated to be $1.30 trillion. So, if implemented, it would drop our yearly debt to $1.29 trillion.

Plus the “rich” already pay a much higher tax rate.

So: are you for or against it? Tax the rich more? what?