Is this a line for American Idol auditions? Perhaps a line for tickets to the World Cup?


All images above are from food lines in the utopian, socialist country of Venezuela. People wait 3 to 4 hours in line to try to get food but, you know, it’s for the greater good. 

(via rightsideofpolitics)

The vicious cycle of revolution:

  • Financial breakdown. The system basically runs out of money and can no longer sustain itself.
  • Demands. The public demand solutions and, in many cases, a change in leadership.
  • Force. Protesters show up en masse and the government tries to force them out.
  • Seizing power. The protesters gain power from the government either by peaceful means or by armed rebellion. 
  • Honeymoon. A new government is set up. New rules and laws are enacted to appease those that fought to overthrow old government.
  • Reign of Terror. New government clashes with supporters of the old government and violence follows. Protests and violence once again break out.
  • Autocracy. The new government gains power and things calm down. Those that have been put in power get used to being in power and will do anything to retain that power.
  • Repeat.

Revolution isn’t the hard part. Breaking the cycle is.