White House lockdown lifted after suspicious package was cleared.

Well that was interesting.

Trouble in Obama’s cabinet: John Kerry defies orders while on Egypt trip



Secretary of State John Kerry bucked instructions from the White House on his recent trip to Egypt, defying orders to make statements about President Mohamed Morsi pending trial. The strings at the White House are being pulled by our old friend Susan Rice who, while no longer a cabinet member approved by Congress, is running the show behind the scenes as Obama’s top foreign policy advisor. 

from Daily Beast:

Before Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent trip to Cairo, National Security Adviser Susan Rice told him to make strong statements in public and private about the trial of deposed President Mohamed Morsi. On his own, Kerry decided to disregard the White House’s instructions.

The tension between the national security adviser and the secretary of state spilled over into public view in the past week, when Rice laid out her critical appraisal of the Egyptian government, which contradicted Kerry’s assessment that Egypt was “on the path to democracy.” The now public rift has been simmering behind the scenes for months and illustrates the strikingly divergent Egypt policies the White House and the State Department are pursuing.

The turf battles and internal confusion are hampering the administration’s approach to Egypt, say lawmakers, experts, and officials inside both governments.

“John Kerry doesn’t agree with Susan Rice on big portions of our Egypt policy, and he made a deliberate and conscious decision not to mention Morsi in his Cairo meetings,” an administration official told The Daily Beast. “Susan Rice wasn’t happy about it.”

Two other administration officials confirmed the Kerry-Rice rift over Egypt.

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Susan Rice holds no legal position of authority and is simply one more example of President Obama using unaccountable “advisors” to run the show behind closed doors in the White House.  Susan Rice was herself first in line for the position of Secretary of State, but her role in the Benghazi coverup made it impossible for Obama to get a confirmation through Congress.  She now strategically holds a position where Congress has no ability to keep her accountable short of a subpoena to appear before committee.  

Last night we reported that Obama’s top advisor Valerie Jarrett, also unconfirmed by Congress, has apparently been negotiating in secret with Iran for over a year. 



New York Times reporter: Obama admin is “the most control-freak administration I’ve ever covered”



There might be a few low-information voters out there who still believe Obama’s claim that his is "the most transparent administration in history," but anybody who doesn’t live in La La Land knows that nothing could be further from the truth. 

The Washington Post has a piece about how DC reporters are beginning to get quite fed up with the Obama administration’s bullying of reporters. 

from WaPo:

“A memo went out from the chief of staff a year ago to White House employees and the intelligence agencies that told people to freeze and retain any e-mail, and presumably phone logs, of communications with me,” Sanger said. As a result, longtime sources no longer talk to him. “They tell me: ‘David, I love you, but don’t e-mail me. Let’s don’t chat until this blows over.’ ”

Sanger, who has worked for the Times in Washington for two decades, said, “This is most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.”

Many leak investigations include lie-detector tests for government officials with access to the information at issue. “Reporters are interviewing sources through intermediaries now,” Barr told me, “so the sources can truthfully answer on polygraphs that they didn’t talk to reporters.”

The investigations have been “a kind of slap in the face” for reporters and their sources, said Smith of the Center for Public Integrity. “It means you have to use extraordinary measures for contacts with officials speaking without authorization.”


Will Obama recognize that all this threatens his often-stated but unfulfilled goal of making government more transparent and accountable? None of the Washington news media veterans I talked to were optimistic.

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Despite the obvious 1st Amendment implications of the Obama administration’s actions, I can’t say that I feel sorry for any of the “journalists” in the mainstream media. They campaigned for this President, they coddled him, they cheerlead for him.  Now they’re upset that he’s not giving them the media access they expected in return. Boo hoo! Cry me a river!

BREAKING: “Unknown incident” reported at the White House

The Blaze now has correspondents in the White House Press Corps.

Maybe somebody will actually ask a tough question now.







If Mitt Romney wins…

Does anyone think Barack Obama will be as gracious as George Bush and let Romney shadow him during the “lame duck” period?

I’m not thinking so.