Where I Stand

  • First off let me say: I am a conservative. Many liberals like to say that conservatives “deny science” and let religion dictate their political views. This is wholeheartedly false. I, for one, love science (astronomy and theoretical physics most of all) and am fascinated by new discoveries.  
  • Economy: I believe in a free market, capitalism based, economy. A company is never “too big to fail” and should never receive a bailout. In a capitalist economy a person builds a business and succeeds or fails based on the product/service provided, healthy competition and the willingness of consumers to consume said product or service.
  • Taxes: There has been alot of talk about how the rich should pay their “fair share” lately. Well, as a matter of fact, they do pay more than a fair share of taxes. As of April 1st 2012, the top 10% of wage earners pay over 75% of all revenue brought in from taxation and the bottom 47% pay 0%. I believe that a flat tax (which would be the same rate for everyone) would be a much better alternative.
  • Second Amendment: I am a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear firearms. I support responsible hunting and fishing including regulated commercial fishing and whaling. I believe that if you pass a background check and gun safety course as well as obtained a concealed carry permit, then you should be allowed to carry nationwide.
  • First Amendment: I wholeheartedly support the right to say anything to almost anyone. My only “limitation” would be, for example, protesting at a funeral. I believe you have the right to protest, but please show a little respect and good taste.
  • Gay Rights: I do not have a problem with gays getting married or having a civil union and obtaining all the privileges of a traditional married couple. Government SHOULD NOT be in the business of mandating what is and is not ‘marriage’. That is for the church to decide. Discrimination against gays (or anyone for that matter) is never OK. 
  • Welfare: I believe that the welfare system needs to be drastically overhauled. If an individual is capable of working then food stamps should NOT be an option. I support the elderly, handicapped and a person who has fallen on hard times being able to get assistance. I also think that welfare and public assistance should be a TEMPORARY part of a person’s life.
  • Foreign Policy: I believe that the United States should always keep it’s security as the top priority in everything it does. We should pursue all avenues of peace before ever engaging in a war. When engaged in war, the United States should not try and take sole responsibility for that nation’s security and infrastructure. I believe that if a nation harbors terrorists then that nation is engaging in an act of war. I do not believe that the United States should be giving financial aid to any country, especially the ones that are openly hostile to the west. During natural disasters the United States should continue to aid the affected areas with food, water and building supplies.
  • Healthcare: The Federal Government should open interstate commerce to insurance providers as well as engage in TORT reform. This would lower the cost of health plans and make healthcare available to a lot more people. Healthcare is NOT a right and should not be socialized. In cases of dire or life threatening illness or injury, there isn’t a doctor or hospital that would turn you away. Most get into medicine to help people and love to do so.
  • Abortion: It doesn’t make much sense to me to kill a living human being who is totally innocent. The ONLY exceptions i can see to this are in cases off rape, incest or health complications to the mother.
  • Immigration: I am pro LEGAL immigration. As long as the person files the proper paperwork and passes the background checks, then i support them. I do not, however, support people who sneak into this country. I empathize with their reasons for coming, but we cannot have untold numbers of people entering unchecked. As for the people who are already here, I think that most should be deported with those who were brought here as children being an exception. Deportation should be on a case-by-case basis and, if not deported, given an avenue for obtaining a way to stay.
  • Finances: I am a fiscal conservative. This means that i support cutting spending and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in all levels of government. I support a balanced budget amendment.
  • Israel: I support Israel and it’s right to defend itself against radicals and aggression. 

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